A new factory is in the Ternopil area

A company «BIO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT» completes starting-up of the first line of the the production of fuel preforms (the productivity 1000 t /month). General productivity of new factory – is 3000 t/month. He will take place in Kremenets (Ternopil area).
The production of fuel preforms will be carried out with the use of unique technology of drying, which takes place when there is a serve of hot air. which is heated by a gazogene the construction of which is developed and patented by a company «BIO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT»

Akhmetov will develop the Wind Power-Stations

DTEK , which unites the power assets of Rinat Akhmetov, began mastering of new direction – Wind energy.
The Donbass fuel and energy company ( DTEK ) created the enterprise of Wind Power. It will be engaged in realization of projects in the field of Wind energy, was reported the director general of DTEK Maksym Timchenko.

In Uzbekistan get a hydrogen from water due to sun energy

Employees of NVO “Physics-Sun” developed and patented the method of receipt of hydrogen from water by the use of sun energy.
State patent department report, that a method is based on thermal decomposition of vaporous water, which heated in a cauldron by the concentrated sunbeams to the temperature 1000-1200 degrees after a scale Kelvin.

The first sun power-station in UAE

In an emirate Abu-Dabi sets to work a sun power-station, which enters in the most sun energy company on Near East – “Masdar”.
Station by a cost 50 million dollars of the USA integrated to the electric system of emirate. About 88 thousand of sun panels-batteries catch sun energy, converting it into an electric current which is given to administrative establishments of future city Masdar in the fence surrounding villages of Abu-Dabi.
New city will become the first ecologically a clean settlement in the world, with zero extrass of carbon dioxide.New city will become the first ecologically a clean settlement in the world, with zero extrass of carbon dioxide.

In Europe design the wind parks of the future

Wind behaves to the most perspective alternative energy sources. At past Hamburg conference the European specialists discussed conceptions of Wind Generator of new generation.
Wind Systems play in Europe, including in Germany, an important role. The most perspective have “off-shore wind parks”. It is marine complexes of Wind Systems near banks, where strength of wind is more high, than on land. However, building of wind generator on water is very expensive. Therefore, it will cover a cost only in case that wind parks produces the enough body of energy.