In Europe design the wind parks of the future

Wind behaves to the most perspective alternative energy sources. At past Hamburg conference the European specialists discussed conceptions of Wind Generator of new generation. Wind Systems play in Europe, including in Germany, an important role. The most perspective have “off-shore wind parks”. It is marine complexes of Wind Systems near banks, where strength of wind is more high, than on land. However, building of wind generator on water is very expensive. Therefore, it will cover a cost only in case that wind parks produces the enough body of energy.

To this theme – roads of increase of efficiency of off-shore parks – was devoted the past conference of “Hamburg Offshore Wind 2009”. There were the presented conceptions of wind generator of next generation.

Sober calculation

“We today can not present, as will look off-shore wind parks in ten years, – an engineer Peter Dal’khof (Peter Dalhoff), expert, asserts in the area of wind energy in a company Germanischer Lloyd. – Here, at conference, we knew, that in Britain, settings of enhanceable power are designed for placing at sea. Already in the nearest years there will be created new wind parks by general power 25-30 MW”.

25-30 GW is total power 30-40 modern nuclear power or coal plants. To realize so ambitious project, it is needed to build thousands of new wind generators. Today, more powerful wind generator produces about 2 megawatts of electric power which covers necessities approximately 5 thousand housekeepings. But engineers-designers think already about greater scales.

“In the nearest time will be started in a mass production of device, which produces a 6 MW, – talks Peter Dal’khof. – development of settings is Completed by power a from 6,5 to 10 MW. And engineers already discuss the project of creation of setting by power a 15 MW”.

It growth of power must be attained, foremost, due to the increase of height of tower and diameter of wind wheel of usual horizontally wind generator. The most from them will be equipped by a rotor, and him blades will exceed a Cologne Cathedral, reports Deutsche Welle.

Axis horizontal or vertical?

But there are an alternative ideas. “For example, wind generators create on the base of the Darrieus rotor with the vertical axis of rotation of wind wheel, – Peter Hunter, engineer-designer of the British designer firm VertAx Wind, talks in Gildforde.

Ia device will look like a merry-go-around with candles.

The diameter of wheel must be 140 meters, and a height of “candle” is 110 meters. A project power of setting is a 10 MW. These turbines can work at any strength of wind, even in a severe storm.

The prototype of such wind generator will be ready already in three years and, if test of will be successfully, the device quickly will conquer a market.

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