1300 electric filling stations in Portugal

During the nearest two years, power of Portugal plan to build in a country about 1300 stations for charging of electric car accumulators. The build of electric filling stations is part of plan on mass market creation for environmentally clean electric vehicles which will begin to sell next year in Portugal, reports Лента.ру.

Networking of electric filling stations in 21 town and rural districts of country will be carried out by a consortium from five companies.

Charging of electric cars is planned in the ordinary stations near shopping centers and large parking.

To the proprietors of electric vehicles will be offered two variants of “filling” – slow and rapid. In first case the complete charge of accumulators will occupy about eight hours, and in the second – less half-hour. A “priming cost” while is not reported.

The government of Portugal hopes that to 2020 the amount of электромобилей in a country will attain 180 thousand, and the number of electric filling stations will grow to 25 thousands.

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