ES enters anti-dumping duties for the American biodiesel

The European union made decision about introduction of anti-dumping duties on the import of biological diesel fuel from the USA on the nearest five years, reported in Tuesday the agency Frans Press. Introductions of anti-dumping duties, the size of which will make from 23 euros a to 41 euros for one hundred kilograms, was approved by 27 countries-members of union and will go into effect from July, 12 for a term of five years.

A fate of biodiesel is 80% in the general volume of producible in EU biodisel. A biodiesel is produced from a digister.

The introduction of anti-dumping duties for a biological diesel fuel from the USA had been done as an answer for support of export capacities of national producers the American government.

The European producers of biodiesel in April, 2008 gave a complaint in Euro commission.

They warned, that if a situation will not change, it will entail falling of production of alternative fuel in Europe, reports FuelAlternative.

ESPB asserted that the American competitors got from the government of the USA 300 dollars (193 euros) of subsidies on the ton of biopropellant.

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