Toyota will extend the production of electric cars

Toyota МC, plans to begin the mass production of cars with hybrid engines in 2012 years, reports Reuters. New models of hybrid cars will be more economic. These cars will be to charge by a home wall outlet (plug-in hybrid car). On the first production year it is planned to produce 20-30 thousand hybrids. The cost of new car will make 47,8 thousand dollars approximately.

A new car will warm up a competition in this segment: Chevy Volt can charge from the home electric system from General Motors: the start of his production is set on the end of 2010. To 2012 years GM plans to have 14 models of hybrid auto in an asset.

Toyota begins a leasing campaign for the business and state corporations of different countries.

In the campaign will take part 500 cars which work on an alternative energy.

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