The first sun energy airplane pilot-controlled in the world

HB-SIA (Solar Impulse Alpha) ifirst sun energy airplane pilot-controlled in the world, capable to remain in mid air and at night. A final purpose of project is the first pilot-controlled flight round earth exceptionally on sun energy. Length of airplane is a 21,85 meters, height – a 6,4 meters. Width of wings – 63,4 meters. And it is at similarity, as at a glider.

Solar Impulse was officially presented on June, 26, by a command, headed the permanent leader, famous for a traveler Bertrand Piccard. Presentation took place on the air field of Dyubendorf near Zurich.

Night-flying to this machine provide lithium-polymeric accumulators by total weight by 400 kilograms.

HB-SIA will start to fly this summer. Then the series of tests (autumn). Probably, already in 2010, the first continuous flight will take place during 36 hours with the use of exceptionally sun energy.

New HB-SIA will build in 2011 year. He will be heavier and will use more alternative energy.

In 2012 years will make attempt to fly around Earth, reports

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