Batteries will work three times longer

Scientists from the University of California (Riverside Bourns College of Engineering) invented an improved technology of production of lithium-ion batteries. The battery will run three times longer.

Scientists have created anodes for lithium-ion batteries from silicon dioxide (SiO2) and found that capacity they are three times higher than the analogues on the basis of carbon.

Silicon dioxide has been used as the anode material in a lithium-ion batteries. But the opportunities to synthesize from this material specific unified nanostructures with high energy density and long life cycle were limited. The team initially focused on SiO2, because it is a widespread and ecologically clean connection.

Stability in the battery silicon nanotubes allows to increase the operation term. In particular, it held 100 full cycles of charge-discharge batteries with improved anode of nanotubes SiO2 without loss of intensity.

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