A new factory is in the Ternopil area

A company «BIO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT» completes starting-up of the first line of the the production of fuel preforms (the productivity 1000 t /month). General productivity of new factory – is 3000 t/month. He will take place in Kremenets (Ternopil area). The production of fuel preforms will be carried out with the use of unique technology of drying, which takes place when there is a serve of hot air. which is heated by a gazogene the construction of which is developed and patented by a company «BIO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT»

«In the conditions of economic instability and vagueness with supplies and cost of Russian gas, possibility to go from the supplies of monopolist is indisputable advantage. Therefore in Ukraine alternative energy will develop actively», – talks Andrey Kudryavtsev, Director of company «BIO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT» – «For today 90% our products leaves on an export. We supply of fuel preforms to Poland, Germany. A new factory except for the export of products also will sell the preforms in Ukraine. In 2009 year, we will sell at the internal market 20-30% of products».

A factory will be put into an operation already at the beginning of July.

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