Is made The Wind Power map of earth

General wind energy on heights about 10 kilometres, in 100 times exceeds the necessities of humanity, and it can be “ladled” by Wind Systems, look like air serpents, forth above large cities, such as New York, Tokyo or Seoul, the American scientists write in the article in a magazine “Energie”. Research authors, Cristina Archer from the Californian university and Ken Caldeira from Institute of Karnegi, first made the map of winds stream motion on large heights.

Streams of very high winds, exist on heights from 7 to 16 kilometres.

There are two types of flows – arctic, such which exist in middle breadths on height of 7-12 kilometres, and more weak, subtropical flows on heights 10-16 kilometres. In spite of some seasonal changes, air currents remain relatively permanent in both hemispheres.

Most potential of wind energy have Japan and east China, east coast of the USA, south Australia and North-eastern Africa.

One of wind streams it is above New York, which have a potential 16 kilowatts of wind energy on a square meter. Other “productive” places are Seoul, San Paulo, Tokyo, Mexico.

Scientists consider, that Wind Systems, look like air serpents, can generate and transport on earth more than 40 megawatt of electric energy.

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