The least accumulator

A company Infinite Power Solutions announced the line of miniature accumulators Thinergy Micro Energy Cells in ultra thin implementation. Technology of Thinergy combines the features of ordinary batteries and supercondensers. Charging to 90% take 10 minutes, and a number of charging-discharging cycles is 10000. At an incomplete charging-discharging, number of cycles is increased to 100 thousand.

The most important feature of accumulators of Thinergy is ability to keep a charge during very great while – to a few years. These accumulators have maximum simplified process of charging. There is not a comptroller. Batery it is possible to charge a current from ten nanoamperes to a few milliamperes.

An important condition is permanent tension 4 V.

Thinergy ideally for work in different devices which use low-powered energy sources: vibrations, sun energy etc.

Little sizes and sizes allow to use Thinergy in smart cards, RFID-mark and implant, as a term of service of batteries can make a decade.

3DNews, О. Гаранжа

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