Ice on fire – fuel alternative

In the conditions of global rise of the temperature, many countries look closely to the new type of fossil fuel which is now used only in Noril’ske, reports The New Scientist. It look like dirty ice. Secret is in molecules of methane, hidden in an icy crystals. Their properties were revealed by chance: at the end of 1970th the Russian scientists were surprised, that gas on Messoyakhinsk deposit, bedding under eternal frigidity in Western Siberia, not complete, despite prognoses.

Messoyakhinsk deposit and today continues to provide Noril’sk of the gas. Explanation – methane leaks in a mining hole from the layer of eternal frigidity.

At combustion of methane, extrass of carbon dioxide far less than at combustion of coal. But there is an anxiety, that the booty of clathrates can be harmful.

Due to new researches, and also reduction of stocks of traditional natural gas the commercial booty of clathrates will be possible already in the nearest ten years.

Clathrates engaged in the USA, Canada, China and Norway, and authorities of Japan and South Korea sanctioned the полномасштабную booty of this fuel.


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