Verkhovna Rada changed the “green tariff”

Alternative energy received new development conditions. Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill that changes the conditions in the market of renewable energy from 1 January 2013, writes Kommersant-Ukraine.

Thus, the law introduced a “green tariff” for electricity generated from biogas and municipal solid waste (MSW). Rate tariff for electricity from biogas will be 2.7, with SHW – 3. In addition, the law establishes differentiated “green tariff” for HPS depending on their capacity. Stations up to 200 kW will receive the name of “micro” and rate tariffs to increase from the current 1.2 to 2, ranging from 200 kW to 1 MW receive the name “mini” and the coefficient of 1.6 (out of 1.2); capacity 1 -10 MW will be called “small” at the current rate 1.2.

At the same time, the paper reduces the “green tariff” for solar power to be put into operation in 2013.

“The law will impact negatively on those who would enact solar power after January 1, 2013, so as for them to rate decreased by 27%” – said an analyst with Dragon Capital Denis Sakwa.

Differentiated “green tariff” for HPS depending on their capacity to make more attractive to investors hydropower projects, says CEO IBCentre (works on the market of renewable energy) Julia Berezovsky: “At the old coefficients payback period means was 11-15 years.”

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