ES enters anti-dumping duties for the American biodiesel

The European union made decision about introduction of anti-dumping duties on the import of biological diesel fuel from the USA on the nearest five years, reported in Tuesday the agency Frans Press.
Introductions of anti-dumping duties, the size of which will make from 23 euros a to 41 euros for one hundred kilograms, was approved by 27 countries-members of union and will go into effect from July, 12 for a term of five years.

Toyota will extend the production of electric cars

Toyota МC, plans to begin the mass production of cars with hybrid engines in 2012 years, reports Reuters.
New models of hybrid cars will be more economic. These cars will be to charge by a home wall outlet (plug-in hybrid car). On the first production year it is planned to produce 20-30 thousand hybrids.
The cost of new car will make 47,8 thousand dollars approximately.

The first sun energy airplane pilot-controlled in the world

HB-SIA (Solar Impulse Alpha) ifirst sun energy airplane pilot-controlled in the world, capable to remain in mid air and at night.
A final purpose of project is the first pilot-controlled flight round earth exceptionally on sun energy.
Length of airplane is a 21,85 meters, height – a 6,4 meters. Width of wings – 63,4 meters.
And it is at similarity, as at a glider.

1300 electric filling stations in Portugal

During the nearest two years, power of Portugal plan to build in a country about 1300 stations for charging of electric car accumulators.
The build of electric filling stations is part of plan on mass market creation for environmentally clean electric vehicles which will begin to sell next year in Portugal, reports Лента.ру.

The least accumulator

A company Infinite Power Solutions announced the line of miniature accumulators Thinergy Micro Energy Cells in ultra thin implementation.
Technology of Thinergy combines the features of ordinary batteries and supercondensers. Charging to 90% take 10 minutes, and a number of charging-discharging cycles is 10000. At an incomplete charging-discharging, number of cycles is increased to 100 thousand.

Ice on fire – fuel alternative

In the conditions of global rise of the temperature, many countries look closely to the new type of fossil fuel which is now used only in Noril’ske, reports The New Scientist.
It look like dirty ice.
Secret is in molecules of methane, hidden in an icy crystals. Their properties were revealed by chance: at the end of 1970th the Russian scientists were surprised, that gas on Messoyakhinsk deposit, bedding under eternal frigidity in Western Siberia, not complete, despite prognoses.

Is made The Wind Power map of earth

General wind energy on heights about 10 kilometres, in 100 times exceeds the necessities of humanity, and it can be “ladled” by Wind Systems, look like air serpents, forth above large cities, such as New York, Tokyo or Seoul, the American scientists write in the article in a magazine “Energie”.
Research authors, Cristina Archer from the Californian university and Ken Caldeira from Institute of Karnegi, first made the map of winds stream motion on large heights.
Hydrogen car (FOTO)

Hydrogen car (FOTO)

A company Riversimple presented a city car which works on hydrogens. While there is only one copy of this machine. In the near time, guidance of the company plans to get financing for creation 10 prototypes and them subsequent tests.
A hydrogen car was developed by the companies Riversimple and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies jointly with universities of Oxford and Krenfild.

Most sun energy power-station in the USA

Most in the USA sun energy power-station will be built in the desert of the state New Mexico, declared a company NRG Energy. Power-station will produce energy, sufficient for providing of necessities of 74 thousands of private houses (92 megawatts ).
A project excels previous analogues, the most from them produces a 70 megawatts of electric power.